About Oh My Garden!


In Ukraine, we are located in the lovely ecologically clean area of Bukovina between the cities of Vinnytsa and Chernivtsi. The land of warriors and farmers. Gently washed by the waters of the mighty river Dnister.
Many nations have passed through our land. Some tried to conquer it, others to settle down. In one way or another bringing a synergy of life into generations that reside here. Plants and humans. We would like to keep some of those traditions in our hearts. Others improve and develop in a smart way.
For this particular reason, we have chosen this place to plant our trees and grow more than delicious apples. But beyond that, to share part of our energy and source with you.
It may seem a bit romantic. If you visit us, you will feel and see it by yourself!

Apple varieties

We grow Gala, Golden and Red Jonaprince. It is our firm decision to be good at something small. Use of ecological area and certified, bio approved nutrients keeps them healthy and delicious for your customers.
We are not saying we have reached the perfect result, but we are learning and progressing every day. We are proud to be recognized as one of the best companies in Ukraine agricultural sector, and positive feedback from our European customers tells us we are on the right path.
Perfection is not a final destination, but the long-lasting journey and my team do the best of what they know, learn and do.

The Orchard

Garden is a living form of being. You have to tend to it all the time. Taking care of every single step of its life. Nurturing, grooming, feeding, pruning, flowering, blossoming – there are so many stages of tree life, that we feel we grow them like little children.
They. We call them by name. Not referring to a mass of wood or forestry, but gently looking after each and every one individually.
Our trees are coming from nurseries of Bolzano in Italy. And the knowledge of local experts is reinforced by the assistance of a Dutch consultancy.

The Storage

Harvest is a very important stage in our season. A finale for all the battles and finish line for the process of growing. But the race to preserve and deliver good quality is not yet over.
Picking is done by the gentle hands of our female team members. Sorted and packed into boxes, the apples go into temperature-controlled chambers filled with nitrogen. Apples are chilled and “put to sleep” using inert atmosphere gas with reduction of harmful CO2. This way they will arrive at you fresh, tasty and crunchy!