About orchard

We are a modern Ukrainian company that grows delicious apples.
Our orchard has been founded in 2015. And nowadays it has more than 48 hectares with ambitious expansion plans.
In Ukraine, we are located in an ecologically clean area of Bukovina. Between cities of Vynnitsa and Chernivtsy. Near the mighty river Dnister.

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We grow the most delicious varieties of organic apples using the best world experience.


Our trees are coming from nurseries in Tyrol and Bolzano area.
We use certified agronomist. Netherland company Fruit Consult is our expert advisor.


Packaging and sorting are done with automatic lines.


Apples stored in State-of-the-art modern cooling storage. Oxygen and CO2 are regulated to slow the ripening process, slow decay and maturing. Absorbing CO2 and ethylene from storage helps to keep them fresh and crunchy for several months after picking.

Quality control

Our orchard applies rigorous quality assurance and control standards to ensure the highest levels of freshness, food safety, quality and traceability are maintained from tree to supermarket and finally to your table.

apple varieties


  • Description: Gala with full color and slight stripes has dark red coloration across the entire surface. The fruit has a medium, conical size. It gains its color relatively late, then reaches the ideal state of maturity and time of harvest when the color has appeared.
  • Flavour: sweet, aromatic
  • Flesh: crispy, juicy
  • Description: The fruit is hardly susceptible to russeting. The skin is very smooth and the fruit has a very nice shape. The apple’s flesh is yellowish, firm, crunchy and sweet, and it has a very low acid content. The harvest must take place at the right time.
  • Flavour: aromatic, sweet with very low acidity
  • Flesh: yellowish, crispy, juicy
  • Description: This apple is a color variation from the Jonagold with early coloration. It delivers a very high and regular yield of large, dark red fruit. Its flesh is very firm, tastes excellent, and the fruit can be stored easily.
  • Flavour: good taste, slightly sweeter
  • Flesh: crispy, juicy, very firm


Latest news from our orchard
June 10, 2021
Unfolding hail net in an apple orchard.
After pollination is over, we move on to the next important step. To protect the crop from adverse weather conditions we unfold a hail net. Hail mechanically damages the fruit, and the apple tree itself.
May 19, 2021
Orchard blossom is the most beautiful period of the year
It will not last for a long time and that’s why so precious.
We are trying to maximize the number of automatic operations in different areas of activity while working in the orchard. But some of it done by nature itself. One of a kind is the pollination of flowers during the blossom period.
March 25, 2021
Winter is perfect time for pruning.
Pruning done in coldest months of year and have to be finished before spring time.
March 10, 2021
We are pleased to announce that we once again confirmed the quality standards of our apples according to GLOBAL G.A.P.
Compliance with this standard guarantees both the safety of our products and the safety of the entire production cycle.
This standard confirms that we meet all necessary requirements:
Feb 04, 2020
News about Berlin Fruit Logistica 2020
Our company will be a part of annual trade show Fruit Logistica 2020 that will be held in Berlin.
Please visit us in Hall 7.2b Stand A-08 .
Aug 23, 2019
News about Asia Fruit Logistica 2019
MAC Ukraine will be a part of annual trade show Asia Fruit Logistica 2019 that will be held in Hong Kong.
Please visit our booth 5U37 in Hall 5 of Hong Kong’s AsiaWorld-Expo.

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